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Eugen C. Buehler, Ph.D.


Division of Preclinical Innovation

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Eugen C. Buehler, Ph.D.


Eugen Buehler began his work on RNA interference (RNAi) design and the interpretation of RNAi screening results as a member of the Applied Computer Science and Mathematics Department at Merck. He has continued this research since joining NCATS in 2012. He has developed methods for detecting and visualizing RNAi off-target effects, inferring off-targeted transcripts from large-scale screens, and establishing bench-level controls for small interfering RNA experiments. To test and refine these techniques, he collaborates with researchers from NIH, academia and industry. Buehler is a frequently invited speaker at RNAi conferences and other venues. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in physics from North Carolina State University.

Research Topics

Developing novel methods that accelerate the pace of scientific research is a balance between time spent on active research projects that inspire the need for those methods and development of the methods themselves. Methods developed in the absence of active experimental pursuit are frequently published and never used again. Likewise, development of better methods and models does not arise unbidden from the generation of large sets of biological data. For this reason, Buehler divides his time equally between collaborations involving the analysis of biological data sets and the development of methods inspired by needs that surface during that research. His research includes sequence analysis, functional biological data including gene expression experiments and high-throughput screening of RNAi, and most recently the use of CRISPR as a method of functional genomic interrogation.