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Stephen C. Kales, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Functional Group Lead

Division of Preclinical Innovation

Early Translation Branch

Early Translation Branch (Contractor)

Contact Info

Stephen C. Kales, Ph.D.


Stephen Kales is a research scientist, functional group lead in the Early Translation Branch within NCATS' Division of Preclinical Innovation. Drawing from his diverse background in biological systems, Kales collaborates to develop a rich target portfolio and was recently appointed to the Antiviral Program for Pandemics for which he leads a target-based assay group to support the discovery and development of novel antiviral therapeutics.

Prior to joining NCATS, Kales was a research fellow with the National Cancer Institute, where he investigated the role of novel mutations and protein-protein interactions in growth factor receptor signaling and solid tumor development.

Kales received his doctorate in biology from the University of Waterloo in Canada, where he applied a variety of molecular techniques to study immune function and host-pathogen interactions.

Research Topics

Kales enjoys the collaborative research environment and project diversity at NCATS. With his colleagues in biology, chemistry, informatics and engineering, he strives to build productive collaborations with researchers from academia, government and industry. His current high-throughput screening and repurposing projects span a wide range of target areas, including the areas covered in the following publications: