Alan Palkowitz (2019)

Alan PalkowitzAlan Palkowitz, Ph.D., is the vice president of Discovery Chemistry Research and Technologies at Eli Lilly and Company. He is responsible for Discovery Chemistry strategy (science, process, intellectual property, technologies, talent development and recruiting, financials, and globalization) and delivery of small molecule clinical candidates for all areas of disease focus including cancer, diabetes, pain, and cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative disorders. Within Discovery Chemistry, Palkowitz oversees a large multi-site research enterprise that includes medicinal chemistry, computational and biophysical/structural sciences, compound library sciences, analytical technologies, quantitative biology, synthetic technologies and automation. Palkowitz championed the creation and implementation of multiple molecular discovery strategies, along with the supporting infrastructure, to diversify approaches to drug discovery and expand therapeutic innovation. He led the scientific rationale and business case/process to expand Eli Lilly’s general access to structural biology capability and high-throughput crystallography to support fragment-based drug discovery.