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Ketamine for the Treatment of Depression

A ketamine metabolite that may improve the treatment of depression and anxiety is available for collaboration and licensing.

Work with Us

NCATS staff are available to discuss ideas for collaborations and partnerships to improve translational research.

Strategic Alliances

The Strategic Alliances team at NCATS helps industry and academia interact and partner with NCATS laboratories and scientists. Learn more.

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Alliances at NCATS

Learn more about how NCATS collaborates with partners.

Licensing Opportunities

Find NCATS inventions available for licensing.

Forms & Model Agreements

Access standard forms and model agreements used to partner with NCATS.

Work with Strategic Alliances

Contact us to find out how NCATS can collaborate with your organization.

The Importance of Strategic Alliances

The NCATS Office of Strategic Alliances aims to make it easy for industry and academia to interact and partner with NCATS laboratories and scientists to speed the translation of basic science knowledge into treatments for patients. Learn more about alliances at NCATS.

Licensing Opportunities

Inventions made by NCATS employees are owned by the federal government. Patenting and licensing are used to help ensure the technology is fully developed, commercialized and advancing public health. See all NCATS licensing opportunities.