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Invention E-156-2012/0

Combination Chemotherapeutics for the Treatment of Chordoma

Lead Inventor: Menghang Xia (NCATS)
Inventors: Christopher Austin (NCATS), Ruili Huang (NCATS)
Ref. No.: E-156-2012/0

Abstract: Utilizing high-throughput screening methodology, NIH scientists have identified two classes of clinically-available drugs, proteasome inhibitors and topoisomerase inhibitors, that synergize to promote chordoma cell death. Moreover, use of the two-part chemotherapeutic regimen in animal models effectively suppressed the growth of chordoma cells and resulted in significant tumor regression. Currently, no chemotherapeutic agents have been approved for the treatment of chordoma. Using FDA approved drugs in a combination therapeutic regimen will help expedite the availability of a therapeutic for chordoma.