BrIDGs Operational Model

BrIDGs staff collaborate with researchers in need of pre-clinical therapeutics development expertise and resources to advance candidate therapeutics into clinical trials. Researchers with sufficient preliminary data can leverage BrIDGs capabilities to execute a pre-clinical product development plan. In general, available expertise and contract resources include synthesis, formulation, pharmacokinetic and toxicology services. Collaborators may take advantage of these resources to obtain data and clinical-grade material for use in Investigational New Drug applications to a regulatory authority such as the Food and Drug Administration.

Pre-existing intellectual property (IP) rights are retained by the owner. This allows BrIDGs to operate as a non-dilutive investment in exciting pre-clinical therapeutics development projects and to maximize the competitiveness of therapeutic agents for further private-sector funding.

Organizations eligible to collaborate with BrIDGs include academic and nonprofit institutions, small businesses eligible for the Small Business Innovation Research program, and NIH intramural laboratories.

To request a collaboration, interested parties must submit a formal proposal. These proposals are accepted on a rolling basis for the development of therapeutic agents for any disease or disorder. Studies may be proposed for a variety of therapeutic types, such as small molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides, gene vectors, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.