Chemistry Technology in Action

The aim of the NCATS Chemistry Technology program is to provide cutting-edge resources to enable the broader biomedical research community to pursue basic and translational studies in a faster and more in-depth manner. To achieve this, chemistry technology scientists at NCATS engage in a variety of innovative translational research activities. Read the latest news about these activities below. 

November 2019

A Promising Step in the Fight Against Lethal Childhood Brain Cancers
Researchers have identified a promising two-drug combination to treat deadly childhood brain cancers known as diffuse midline gliomas. The drug pair both kills cancer cells and counters the effects of a genetic mutation that causes the diseases.

September 2019

NIH, Cincinnati Children’s Scientists Develop Potential Strategy Against Leukemia Drug Resistance
Scientists at NCATS and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have devised a potential treatment against a common type of leukemia that could have implications for many other types of cancer. The new approach takes aim at a way that cancer cells evade the effects of drugs.

December 2018

NCATS Collaborations Lead to Potential New Drug Combinations for Childhood Cancers
To help address the challenges in treating children with cancer, a team of researchers in NCATS’ Chemistry Technology and Matrix Screening programs is rethinking treatment approaches for several difficult-to-treat childhood cancers.

September 2017

Researchers Hit the Brakes on Lethal Brain Cancers in Mice
New research conducted in mice provides evidence that highly lethal brain tumors, called high-grade gliomas, stop growing when deprived of a specific molecule naturally produced when brain cells fire.