About Pfizer’s CTI for NIH Researchers

Researcher in a labNCATS works to make the translational process more efficient and effective by establishing new collaborative partnerships and creating technologies and methods that are useful to the broad scientific community. On Dec. 18, 2014, NCATS Director Christopher P. Austin, M.D., announced that NCATS would lead an innovative collaboration for the NIH with Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) that is designed to help bridge the gap between early scientific discovery and its translation into new medicines through public-private resource sharing. Pfizer’s CTI program pairs leading researchers with Pfizer scientists to pursue scientific and medical advances through joint research and development projects. Partners in the CTI network include academic institutions, patient foundations and NIH.

The CTI model is the first NIH-wide biologics initiative with a pharmaceutical partner that NCATS coordinates on behalf of all NIH intramural researchers. The goal of this collaboration is to identify biologic compounds with activity in a pathway or target of interest to an NIH intramural researcher and to Pfizer. Together, the scientific team works to move these compounds through laboratory testing into clinical evaluation.

Learn more about how the collaboration works or see frequently asked questions.

Interested in exploring a research project for joint development? Pfizer’s CTI for NIH researchers has two calls for proposals each year. Learn more about the call for proposals and the therapeutic areas of interest.