Funded Activities Under the CTSA Program

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NCATS Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program1 Fiscal Year 2014 Actual Fiscal Year 2015 Actual Fiscal Year 2016 Actual Fiscal Year 2017 Actual Fiscal Year 2018 Actual
CTSA Program Hubs2          
Number of Hub awards3 58 58 57 57 58
Hub Awards (A UL1 award with a linked KL2 award and an optional TL1 award)4 $404,954,499 $441,922,552 $449,584,228 $447,800,122 $459,342,839
Administrative Supplements to Hub Awards5 $44,204,713 $18,534,775 $9,851,866 $6,367,377 $21,790,276
Bridge Awards (U54) $16,798,746 $3,528,613 $3,560,718 $3,497,558 $0
CTSA Program Collaboration Initiatives — all awards to CTSA institutions          
CTSA Program Collaborative Innovation Awards (U01/R21)     $8,602,736 $14,402,042 $24,130,055
Consortium Centers (U24/U54) RIC/TIC/CD2H/Coordination $2,420,706 $2,741,255 $16,354,755 $29,878,310 $22,037,558
Subtotal of Funding to CTSA Program Institutions $468,378,664 $466,727,195 $487,954,303 $501,945,409 $527,300,728
Other CTSA Program Activities6          
Other (K23/R13/U13/U19/T15/U2C/U24) $1,402,448 $1,277,800 $265,000 $600,000 $643,697
Loan Repayment Program $2,006,148 $1,986,781 $2,001,190 $2,009,444 $2,508,139
Program Management (includes NIH and DHHS assessments and transfers) $5,432,517 $7,399,063 $9,779,507 $11,569,957 $12,326,808
Grand Total $477,219,777 $477,390,839 $500,000,000 $516,124,810 $542,779,372


To view a list of awards from NIH RePORTER, please click on underlined dollar amounts. RePORTER provides the most up-to-date information available on funded projects, so the data are not frozen and changes in the administrative details of prior awards can occur.

1 NCATS received CTSA Program-specific appropriations language beginning in FY2014. CTSA Program-specific appropriations language in FY2012 and FY2013 was directed to the NIH Office of the Director.

2 A CTSA Program Hub is defined as a UL1 award with a linked KL2 award and an optional TL1 award. No Cost Extensions (NCE) to Hub awards do not receive funding from NCATS in a particular fiscal year. NCEs do not count as funded Hubs in that fiscal year and are therefore not reflected in the table. 

3 In FY2014, NCATS did not issue a CTSA Program Hub funding announcement as the program was being re-structured in response to the 2013 IOM recommendations. Eight CTSA Program Hubs that were positioned to re-compete for Hub awards in FY2014 were issued orderly close-out supplements to enable them to remain active until a FY2015 funding announcement was available and posted.

4 The totals reported in this table reflect only NCATS' investment in the CTSA Program. For FY2017, NIH RePORTER data shows an additional $407,214 due to co-funding provided by DHHS.

5 NCATS investment in Administrative Supplements for FY2014 was $93,000 less than what is shown in NIH RePORTER. NCATS investment in Administrative Supplements for FY2016 was $23,389 more than what is shown in NIH RePORTER. Grand total amounts for the fiscal years are accurate.

6 For a glossary of NIH award codes, visit