ExRNA in Action

ExRNA communication is a recently discovered cell-to-cell signaling process that holds enormous promise for improving our understanding of a wide variety of diseases. Read about ExRNA in action below. 

June 2018

Repurposed Drug Approach May Thwart Spread of Cancer Cells
NCATS preclinical researchers helped NIH Extracellular RNA Communication program-supported scientists use a new approach to find drugs that may be effective in preventing cancer cell progression. The team found that antibiotics, antifungal medicines and anti-inflammatory agents were effective in preventing advanced prostate tumor cells from releasing exosomes or in blocking exosome production.

September 2015

Researchers Working to Advance ExRNA Biomarkers and Therapies
NCATS has announced it will spearhead the second phase of several NIH ExRNA Communication program projects to test and validate exRNA molecules for their potential as disease biomarkers and treatments. The first phase of these NCATS projects(link is external) focused on discovery and feasibility. The NCATS projects are funded by the NIH Common Fund.