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NCATS staff with externship scholar

CTSA Program Scholar Learns New Approaches Through Externship

Through the NCATS-Eli Lilly externship, CTSA Program Scholar Josephine Taverna, M.D., learns new approaches to drive her research forward.

NCATS Releases Online Training Modules to Support Drug Discovery

NCATS offers in-person and online training workshops designed to share best practices and expert advice on assay design, development and implementation.

Person reading the newsletter on a tablet

March E-Newsletter Now Available

Read about rare disease patients finding hope in research, how NCATS and Karolinska Institutet scientists are attacking cancer, new online assay guidance modules, and more.

Anticancer cells on a laptop

NCATS, Karolinska Institutet Scientists Attack Cancer’s Defenses

Scientists from NCATS and Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet have developed a potential new approach to fighting cancer by breaking down a defense system used by cancer cells.

Joe and Ella Murray

Rare Disease Patients and Families Find Hope in Research

NCATS supports rare disease patients and their communities by providing research funding, tools and other resources to help address their unique challenges.

More Center News

Genome Editing Program

The NIH Common Fund launches a somatic cell genome editing research program

NCATS and NIDCR Collaborate

NIH collaboration leverages CTSA Program for research mentoring support

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Assay Guidance Manual

Assay Guidance Manual Cover

Interested in creating biologically, physiologically and pharmacologically relevant assays for early-stage drug discovery? Check out our best-practices Assay Guidance Manual.

Work with Us

Learn more about all the ways that potential grantees, partners and collaborators can access NCATS support to advance translational science.

  • NCATS Programs & Initiatives
    NCATS encourages partnerships that cross many scientific disciplines and research sectors in pursuit of translational success.
  • Small Business Opportunities
    NCATS’ small business programs help entrepreneurs develop and commercialize new translational technologies.
  • Expertise & Resources
    NCATS staff are experts in translation, and the Center’s resources support pre-clinical and clinical activities.
  • Licensing Opportunities
    NCATS makes it easy for industry and academia to interact and partner with Center laboratories and scientists.