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Strategic Goal 1: Conduct and support innovative research that uncovers fundamental scientific and operational principles of translational science to catalyze the development and dissemination of novel medical interventions.

NCATS is fundamentally transforming how translation is conducted on a system-wide level through research in translational science that uncovers, characterizes and implements the scientific and operational principles underlying each step of the translational process. By developing new approaches, technologies, resources, and methods that transcend a particular discipline or single disease, NCATS empowers the entire biomedical research community to conduct translation more efficiently.

Strategic Goal 2: Advance translational team science by fostering innovative partnerships and collaborations with a strategic array of stakeholders.

Translating a basic discovery to a demonstrated improvement in public health requires a translational research team of scientists, clinicians, research participants and other stakeholders having a wide range of expertise and perspectives of the scientific and operational roadblocks. Progressing through the phases of the translational science spectrum requires the creation of productive and mutually beneficial collaborations that depend not only on individual excellence, but on teamwork, coordination, cooperation and communication.

Strategic Goal 3: Develop and foster innovative translational training and a highly skilled, creative and diverse translational science workforce.

A key to advancing the burgeoning field of translational science is through development of translational science education and training, and support for a diverse translational science workforce. Translation is inherently cross-disciplinary, and will benefit not only from robust training in one or more scientific research domains, but also from broad-based education on the scientific and operational principles that underlie sound translational science.

Strategic Goal 4: Enhance good stewardship of public funds by promoting and employing efficient and effective management practices.

NCATS is a steward of public resources, and, as such, has the responsibility to deploy those resources in the most effective manner. This requires not only supporting innovative research, but also fostering continuous improvement in its operations to improve scientific stewardship. NCATS will use efficient management practices and will work with its employees, awardees and partners throughout the government and beyond to leverage available resources toward the development and dissemination of medical interventions.