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Clinical and Translational Science Awards

CTSA Program in Action

NCATS-supported scientists are engaged in cutting-edge translational research activities across the United States. Read the latest news about CTSA Program researchers that are collaborating locally, regionally and nationally, fostering innovation in training and methodologies to get more treatments to more patients more quickly.

Learn more about the CTSA Program in Action:

Goal 1: Train and Cultivate the Translational Science Workforce

NCATS staff with externship scholar

CTSA Program Scholar Learns New Research Approaches Through Externship

Through the NCATS-Eli Lilly externship, CTSA Program Scholar Josephine Taverna, M.D., learns new approaches to drive her research forward.


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Goal 2: Engage Patients and Communities in Every Phase of the Translational Process

Participants at the 2017 Rare Disease Day at NIH speak to exhibitors.CTSA Program Hubs Collaborate to Assess Community Engagement

The CTSA Program hub at the University of Rochester has launched a pilot study to develop and test a community engagement assessment tool to help academic health centers evaluate and enhance their work.

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Goal 3: Promote the Integration of Special and Underserved Populations in Translational Research across the Human Lifespan

Woman viewing the early check website on a tabletCTSA Program Investigators Collaborate to Enhance Newborn Screening

Efforts are now underway to add rare diseases to newborn screenings through Early Check, a research program in which voluntary screening for fragile X syndrome and other genetic conditions yet to be determined will be offered to up to 120,000 families each year in North Carolina. NCATS is supporting Early Check through a CTSA Program Collaborative Innovation Award (CCIA).

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Goal 4: Innovate Processes to Increase the Quality and Efficiency of Translational Research, Particularly of Multisite Trials

Dr. SinghCTSA Program Support Enables Innovative Study of Brain Function

A CTSA Program-funded researcher tests innovative training to help people with schizophrenia “correct” disordered brain waves. Promising results suggest the training could potentially help improve memory.

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Goal 5: Advance the Use of Cutting-Edge Informatics

Dr. Melissa Haendel

New CTSA Program Informatics Center to Create a Nationwide Data Ecosystem

NCATS established the National Center for Data to Health to develop standardized approaches and best practices that address operational and institutional barriers to sharing data.

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