2020 Therapeutic/Indication Pairing Projects

In 2020, NCATS issued one Therapeutic/Indication Pairing Projects award. The funded preclinical projects are serving as “use cases” to demonstrate the utility of an independent crowdsourcing effort or a computational algorithm to predict new therapeutic uses of an existing drug or biologic.

AZD0328 to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

University of Texas Health Science Center Houston

Principal Investigators: Pramod K. Dash, Ph.D. (University of Texas Houston)
Grant Number: 5-UG3TR002739-02

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains a public health concern, the consequences of which can lead to long-lasting disability. Uncontrolled inflammation, which can occur after TBI, profoundly influences neuronal survival and outcome. Here, we propose to test if a pharmaceutical (AZD0328) that has already demonstrated safety during unrelated clinical trials can be repurposed to treat TBI-triggered inflammation, reduce pathophysiology and improve cognitive outcome.

Learn more about this project in the NIH RePORTER.