NCATS Science Featured at 26th NIH Research Festival

Researchers and staff from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) highlighted some of the Center’s recent science advances and new initiatives at the 26th Annual NIH Research Festival Oct. 9 – 12, 2012, on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. This year’s festival theme was “The NIH at 125: Today’s Discoveries, Tomorrow’s Cures,” and translation was a prominent topic for discussion.

Topics such as “translation research in addiction, stress and anxiety,” and “how to put the ‘translational’ into your research” were two of many featured presentations.

Steven Groft, Pharm. D., director of NCATS’ Office of Rare Diseases Research (ORDR) and P.J. Brooks, Ph.D., an ORDR program director with NCATS co-chaired a presentation about the NIH Clinical Center’s Bedside-to-Bench Program, which funds intramural and extramural collaborative research teams seeking to translate basic scientific findings into therapeutic interventions for patients and to increase understanding of important disease processes. Specifically, Groft and Brooks discussed the benefits of these collaborative research teams related to rare disease research.

Marc Ferrer, Ph.D., in NCATS’ Division of Preclinical Innovation, spoke about drug screening using stem cell derived cellular disease models during the session “Disease in a dish — modeling human diseases using induced pluripotent stem cells.”

More than 40 NCATS DPI researchers were listed as authors on posters about recent research at sessions during the festival. They included posters in the areas of cancer research, rare diseases, chemistry advances and core technologies. Click on each title below for details:

A miniaturized screening assay to discover Pin1 inhibitors as probes of phosphorylation signaling
Authors: M.I. Davis, D. Wei, M. Shen, D. Auld, M. Boxer, X.Z. Zhou, K.P. Lu, A. Simeonov

High throughput screen to identify small molecule modulators in a cell-based model of AML
Authors: R.E. Jones, C.Z. Chen, A.D. Schimmer, J. McKew, W. Zheng

Discovery and development of small molecules that reduce PNC prevalence
Authors: S. Patnaik, K. Frankowski, F. Schoenen, S. Huang, J. Norton, C. Wang, S. Titus, M. Ferrer, W. Zheng, N. Southall, V.W. Day, J. Aube, J.J. Marugan

Discovery of novel Benzimidazole containing small molecules for the potential treatment of Chagas Disease
Authors: D.K. Luci, W. Lea, M. Shen, A. Rodriguez, A. Jadhav, A. Simeonov, D.J. Maloney

ADME assays in drug discovery and preclinical drug development research at TRND/NCATS/NIH
Authors: KL.T. Nguyen, E.H. Kerns, X. Xin, J.C. McKew

Discovery of a potent, small molecule inhibitor of R132H mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase 1
Authors: R. Pragani, M. Davis, N. Thorne, A. Simeonov, M. Shen, M.B. Boxer

Discovery of novel general anesthetics using Apoferritin as a surrogate system
Authors: G. Rai, W. Bu, W.A. Lea, D. Liang, B. Weiser, V. Setola, C.P. Austin, A. Simeonov, A. Jadhav, R. Eckenhoff, D.J. Maloney

Structure-activity relationships of a novel inhibitor of BLM helicase
Authors: A.S. Rosenthal, T.S. Dexheimer, G. Nguyen, O. Gileadi, I. Hickson, A. Simeonov, A. Jadhav, D.J. Maloney

Identification and characterization of small-molecule chaperones of acid alpha glucosidase for potential treatment of Pompe disease
Authors: M.K. Taylor, W. Westbroek, W.A. Lea, A.M. Gustafson, A. Velayati, W. Zheng, N. Southall, A. Simeonov, E. Goldin, E. Sidransky, J.J. Marugan, J. Xiao

Genome-wide RNAi screening at the NIH through the Trans-NIH RNAi Screening Facility
Authors: S.E. Martin, E. Buehler, Y. Chen, R. Guha, C. Klummp, P. Tuzmen, N.J. Caplen, C.P. Austin


Posted November 2012