News Brief: NCATS Presents Early Plans for Trial Innovation Network, Solicits Project Proposals

Efforts to align and harmonize three Trial Innovation Centers (TICs) and the Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) are underway within the NCATS Trial Innovation Network, a new collaborative initiative made possible through the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program. The initial framework was shared with CTSA Program hub, TIC, and RIC representatives at the Trial Innovation Network kickoff meeting held on Oct. 26, 2016, in Chicago. Key goals of the meeting were to:

  • Engage the CTSA hubs as full stakeholders and partners;
  • Communicate the Network’s vision, goals and organization;
  • Provide information on key elements of the Network and an initial timeline for progress; and
  • Describe the guiding principles of operational innovation, operational excellence and collaboration.

Monica R. Shah, M.D., M.H.S., M.S.J., NCATS Trial Innovation Network director, opened the meeting with an overview of the early goals and vision for the Network. TIC and RIC principal investigators also led presentations and discussions. Breakout session topics included (1) organizing the Trial Innovation Network liaison teams at the CTSA Program hubs, (2) operationalizing the Network single institutional review board system and master contract agreements, and (3) leveraging the Network by submitting project proposals.

With the key organizational partners engaged, Trial Innovation Network representatives have opened an intake process for Network project proposals and will launch early projects designed to build the major elements of the Network, provide key performance metrics and develop a pipeline of future clinical trials and studies. The early-stage projects will focus on specific, defined consultations and services and on building partnerships with NIH Institutes and Centers, the scientific community and other stakeholders.

Investigators can leverage the Trial Innovation Network by submitting Level 1 or Level 2 Network project proposals (PDF - 598KB). Level 1 proposals include requests for basic services and consultations, and Level 2 proposals include comprehensive consultations and potential study implementation.

Visit the Trial Innovation Network website to learn more and submit proposals.

Posted December 2016