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Contact TNRF

NIH Investigators can submit proposals to the Trans-NIH RNAi Facility (TNRF).

Contact Madhu A. Lal-Nag, Ph.D

Trans-NIH RNAi Facility (TNRF)

Developing and improving functional genomics (RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9) screening approaches to better understand gene function and identify biologically-relevant targets. Learn more.

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About TNRF

Find out more about the TRNF program at NCATS, including its goals.

Scientific Capabilities

Learn more about the RNAi program’s state-of-the-art expertise, tools and screening technologies.

Work with TNRF

As an NIH investigator, get more information about collaborating with the RNAi program.

TNRF Projects

Discover the range of RNAi program projects that NCATS supports.

RNAi Facts

Download the RNAi fact sheet (PDF - 380KB).

Overview of RNAi

NCATS' state-of-the-art RNAi screening facility accepts proposals from any NIH researcher. NCATS staff assist investigators with all stages of project planning and execution, from assay development through genome-wide small-interfering RNA (siRNA) screens, informatics and pathway analysis, and rigorous follow-up. Learn more about the TNRF program at NCATS.