Work with TNRF

NIH investigators are eligible to collaborate with TNRF at NCATS and access screening facility resources. Open application cycles occur once each year and last about two months. During these cycles:

  1. NIH investigators work with TNRF experts at NCATS to develop an assay. Review the latest version of the Assay Guidance Manual.
  2. The NIH investigator submits a letter of intent for review to his or her Institute or Center and a proposal to TNRF for independent peer review by a proposal selection committee. Rejected proposals can be revised to address key concerns and resubmitted for additional review.
  3. Following proposal approval, NCATS staff and the NIH investigator work together to develop and execute a project plan.

NIH investigators interested in collaborating with TNRF should contact Madhu A. Lal-Nag, Ph.D., to get started. Learn more about how TNRF works.