Staff Profile: Jessica M. Freilino

Jessica M. Freilino
Jessica M. Freilino

Program Analyst

Office of Administrative Management
Administrative Services Branch (Contractor)

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

National Institutes of Health

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Jessica M. Freilino is a program analyst in the Administrative Services Branch and Ethics Management and Analysis Branch within NCATS’ Office of Administrative Management (OAM), where she serves as the OAM intranet content manager and helps develop and optimize intranet content for multiple groups at NCATS. She also serves as the co-chair for the NCATS Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) and organizes multiple engagement activities, including the book club, NCATS 10th Anniversary Merch, EEC@home and EEC Presents. Freilino is or has been involved in several special projects, including the Return to Physical Workspace effort, Town Hall planning and the 2021 Virtual Retreat.

Freilino joined NCATS in August 2015 as a biology laboratory manager. In that capacity, she brought invaluable experience in managing offices, a passion for science and a love for helping people. She ran the NCATS Chemical Genomics Center (now the Early Translation Branch) Management Committee to help unite the different groups that use the B1 laboratory space, and she was involved in the Stem Cell Tissue Laboratory design. She then moved into purchasing, where she rolled out the Scientific Ordering System and trained Division of Preclinical Innovation staff members to use the platform. She remains involved in making the platform more user friendly.

Professional Interests

Freilino leads the OAM Strategy Activation Working Group and participates in the Internal Communications Working Group. She also served as a member of the Acquisitions Work Group while it was active.