Staff Profile: Esther E. Duque

Esther E. Duque
Esther E. Duque

Administrative Officer

Office of Administrative Management
Administrative Services Branch (Intramural Services Section)

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

National Institutes of Health

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Esther Duque is an administrative officer in the Office of Administrative Management (OAM) at NCATS, where she provides administrative management and services to the Therapeutic Development Branch within the Center’s Division of Preclinical Innovation. Since joining NCATS in 2015, Duque also has worked in the Office of Administrative Services and in the Ethics and Management Analysis Branch. Duque has received three NCATS Director’s Awards.

Prior to joining NCATS, Duque was an administrative assistant at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for several years, where she worked closely with the branch chiefs and director on special projects within the Environmental Branch. Her diverse professional background includes experience in both the public and private sectors. Duque also worked in physical therapy modalities; she completed the State of Maryland Board’s Chiropractic Assistant (CA) clinical program and passed the Board CA examination. Duque was recognized as one of the first registered CA health care practitioners in Maryland. She then went on to work in the medical field as a medical administrator and later assumed a senior management role for a Fortune 500 lender.

Professional Interests

During her tenure at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Duque has been actively involved in many NIH activities, such as the NIH Charities Art Show in Bethesda, Maryland. For several years, she was involved with the NCATS’ Take Your Child to Work Day committee. From 2016 to 2019, Duque was enrolled in the Management Seminar Series (MSS) as an attendee, coordinator and presenter, and she served as an advisor for two 2019 MSS presenters. Previously, Duque was involved in the Combined Federal Campaign by leading the volunteer group for the 2018 NIH’s Got Talent program. Duque has served as a member of several diversity and inclusion groups, the Disability Engagement Committee, and the Employee Resource Group. She currently serves on the NCATS Employee Engagement Committee and the OAM Strategy Task Force.