Staff Profile: Senetra L. Brown

Senetra L. Brown


Office of the Director

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

National Institutes of Health

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Senetra Brown is the NCATS receptionist who greets Center visitors, directs them to meetings with staff and assists with their transportation needs upon departure. She also performs a wide range of clerical functions that keep both the Office of the Director and NCATS at large running smoothly.

Prior to joining NCATS, Brown worked at the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), providing critical administrative support to the Office of Administrative Management. When NCRR was dissolved in December 2011 as part of an NIH reorganization, she moved to the newly formed NCATS and was recruited to the Office of the Director in the fall of 2019. Brown’s service to the NIH began in 1987 at the Nutrition Department, where she prepared and delivered meals to patients at the NIH Clinical Center and had worked in that capacity for 19 years.

Brown strives to balance her strong interpersonal and organizational skills to communicate clearly and efficiently with visitors, contractors, associates and supervisors. She is flexible and accommodating in dealing with different personality types and communication styles, shows patience, listens to concerns with compassion, and takes the time to resolve issues in a prompt and courteous manner.