Staff Profile: Daniel C. Talley

Daniel Talley
Daniel C. Talley, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist/Medicinal Chemist

Division of Preclinical Innovation
Early Translation Branch (Contractor)

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

National Institutes of Health

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Dan Talley joined NCATS in 2016 as a postdoctoral researcher on a medicinal chemistry team led by Juan J. Marugan, Ph.D. In 2018, Talley moved to a research scientist position under the direction of chemistry team leader Ganesha Rai Bantukallu, Ph.D.

Talley focuses on identifying flawed biological pathways common to multiple diseases/disorders and on developing small-molecule modulators to restore cellular homeostasis and function. This often involves medicinal chemistry optimization of hit compounds, usually identified via quantitative high-throughput screening and/or machine learning, and employing pharmacophore-based screening and quantitative structure-activity relationship studies. He also has significant experience in developing and synthesizing small-molecule probes for target deconvolution and mechanism of action studies. In addition, Talley works to site-specifically and stoichiometrically modify human Immunoglobulin Gs for subsequent versatile conjugation to payloads, including small-molecule probes or drugs, fluorescent and near-infrared dyes, peptides, and other antibodies.

Talley received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Salisbury University and his doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Research Topics

  • Rabies virus
  • Modulators of endoplasmic reticulum dislocation
  • Hepatitis C virus
  • Niemann-Pick disease type C
  • Platforms for drug delivery and localization
  • Antibody conjugation