Tox21 Scientific Capabilities

Tox21 experts carry out automated quantitative high-throughput screening using a library of approximately 10,000 compounds (Tox21 10K). This system is capable of weekly triplicate screening of the 10K library across 15 concentrations (1.2 nM to 92 µM). Other areas of expertise include development of human cell models using stem cells and 3-D cell culture as well as genomics approaches, such as genome editing and high-throughput gene expression profiling. A dedicated informatics group performs chemi-informatics and bioinformatics analyses, including concentration-response and toxicological modeling.

Within this format, the Tox21 program offers a variety of scientific capabilities available to NIH investigators as well as other scientists whose assays have been submitted to and accepted by the program. Learn about the assay nomination and evaluation process.

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