Translational Science Education Digital Badging Program at NCATS

NCATS digital badge for principles of preclinical translational science.

About the Digital Badging Program

When you participate in NCATS’ translational science education opportunities, you may be eligible to earn digital badges. You can display a digital badge on social media, in your email signature or on your website to let others know that you have successfully completed one of our offerings.

NCATS uses Credly as its digital badge platform. You will need to create a free account with Credly to claim your badge.

For more information about the platform, visit Credly’s Help Center.

Issuance of badges does not indicate endorsement of a particular individual by NCATS or NIH.

Opportunities to Earn Digital Badges

NCATS offers several opportunities to earn digital badges, including two courses open to the public. To receive a badge, you must complete certain earning criteria. For more information about earning criteria, visit our badge pages on Credly.

Principles of Preclinical Translational Science

Open to the public.
Badge earners demonstrate an understanding of the scientific and operational principles that enhance preclinical translational research. They understand translational research and translational science, appreciate the research process that enables a scientific discovery to produce an effective compound for use in humans, and understand how to facilitate effective interagency and team-based partnerships.

Learn more about the course for this badge, MEDI 501.

Translational Science in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Open to the public.
Badge earners understand effective translational science strategies used by NCATS to address research challenges magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will appreciate translational science approaches at the preclinical, clinical and population health levels and understand how these approaches can be broadly applied to research questions.

Learn more about the course for this badge, MEDI 502.

Storytelling in Translational Science

Open to NCATS Intramural Trainees.
Badge earners demonstrate the ability to tell a comprehensive and impactful story about their research, translational science and NCATS.

Translational Science Training Program

Open to NIH Intramural Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.
Badge earners demonstrate an understanding of the bench-to-bedside process through participation in a training program. Specifically, they show an understanding of the drug development process, clinical trial terminology and research proposal development in translational science. They develop their professional development skills and explore various careers related to translational science.

Advancing Innovation through Mentorship (AIM)

Open to all NCATS Employees
Through the mentorship of a certified National Science Foundation iCorps Trainer, badge earners build an entrepreneurial skillset around customer/stakeholder discovery and learn how to identify opportunities where research can make the largest scientific impact, all while expanding their professional network of collaborators, potential licensees and key opinion leaders and altering the way they look at translational research.

Assay Guidance Workshop for High-Throughput Screening and Lead Discovery

Open to NIH Intramural Trainees
Earners of this badge understand best practices for the development and implementation of robust assays. They understand how to identify reagents, methods and instrumentation that are well suited to biochemical, cell-based and high-content screening assays; develop robust assays and the required counter/secondary assays for targets of interest; and interpret data using important statistical and data analysis concepts.