Data Transparency and Release

Making data publicly available can spur innovation and scientific discovery. NCATS aims to develop, demonstrate and disseminate tools and solutions for use by all translational researchers.

One way NCATS arms the scientific community with translational science resources is by enabling the public release of new methods, data and information. Some of the resources NCATS uses to provide publically accessible data are listed below:

  • The OpenData Portal is a resource created by NCATS to openly and quickly share COVID-19-related drug repurposing data and experiments for all approved drugs.
  • PubChem is a free database maintained by the National Library of Medicine that stores information about small organic molecules and their activities against biological assays.
  • NCATS Pharmaceutical Collection is a publicly available, Web-based application that provides complete information on active pharmaceutical ingredients, including small molecule drugs that have been approved by regulatory agencies from the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan, as well as all compounds that have been registered for human clinical trials.
  • Small molecule probes developed by NCATS scientists, in collaboration with hundreds of extramural researchers, are freely accessible to the scientific community.
  • Assay Guidance Manual developed by NCATS and Eli Lilly and Co. contains detailed information about developing appropriate assays for high-throughput screening projects.

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