TRND Project Implementation and Conduct

TRND researchers conduct projects using a milestone-driven, team-based operational model.  Upon selection for collaboration, TRND scientists perform an initial gap analysis to determine the scope of work. A joint scientific team forms based on the project’s specific needs, and a formal project plan and collaboration agreement governs the tasks to be completed. A TRND project team lead oversees day-to-day operations and project plan execution. Projects failing to meet critical milestones or timelines are subject to discontinuation.

Project Team

For each project, TRND staff assemble a scientific project team, led by a TRND manager. In consultation with the collaborating investigator, the project team develops and defines the following elements:

  • Project plan
  • Timeline
  • Milestones and deliverables
  • “Go/no-go” decision points

Project Plan

TRND leadership approve the project plan, and any changes to the plan must be approved by TRND leadership. A joint research committee may make recommendations to TRND leadership regarding project termination, if necessary.

Project Termination

If a project fails to meet its timeline, milestones or deliverables — or with a recommendation from the joint research committee — TRND staff will terminate a project. Whenever possible, the collaborating investigators receive guidance on how to move the project forward.