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An NCATS scientist prepares samples for high-throughput screening. (Daniel Soñé Photography, LLC, Photo)

Finding What’s Common Among Diseases, Seeing the Bigger Picture

NCATS scientists are identifying common characteristics among diseases and applying this knowledge to understand multiple human diseases and conditions.

Dorian Cheff holds a well plate in NCATS’ laboratory.

NCATS Ignites Translational Science Spark for Young Investigators

Meet three graduate students working collaboratively on research projects with NCATS and university scientists from England and Sweden.

screenshot of the Pharos website

Closing the Protein Knowledge Gap to Identify New Treatments

Investigators from the Illuminating the Druggable Genome program recently discovered that about one in every three proteins is poorly understood, limiting research opportunities.

Work with Us

NCATS staff are experts in many translational research disciplines, and the Center offers tools, technologies and in-kind support to help researchers translate basic scientific knowledge into interventions that improve human health.

Learn more about how to work with NCATS.

Expertise & Resources

NCATS staff are experts in many different fields relevant to translational research and science policy, from small molecules to human subjects protections. NCATS also offers a variety of tools and other resources for pre-clinical and clinical investigators.

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NCATS Staff Profiles

Learn more about the experts and NCATS, including research/professional interests and recent publications.

Pre-Clinical Research Toolbox

NIH and NCATS have developed several tools and resources to help scientists conduct pre-clinical research.

Clinical Research Toolbox

NCATS supports clinical research tools that facilitate trial design, patient recruitment and partnerships for commercialization.

Core Technologies

NCATS maintains cross-cutting technologies to support ongoing operation of all NCATS translational research activities.

Online Training Modules

NCATS offers an Assay Guidance Manual Training Workshop online in addition to the in-person workshops held throughout the year. This training workshop contains video recordings of the speakers side by side on the screen with the slides to share best practices and expert advice on assay design, development and implementation with a wider audience. View the video modules.