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Templates for Success: Speeding Public-Private Partnerships

NCATS is speeding the formation of innovative private-public partnerships through the use of standardized legal agreements.

3-D Tissue Bioprinting: An Emerging Path to Better Drug Development

Using 3-D bioprinting techniques, NCATS scientists are developing 3-D tissue models that more closely mimic tissues in the human body.

NCATS Rare Diseases Are Not Rare! Challenge

Help bring attention to rare diseases and the need for new treatments by competing in an NCATS challenge to educate others through social media or art.

NCATS Funding Available to Repurpose Existing Drugs

Interested in identifying new treatments for a broad range of diseases using partially developed therapeutic candidates? Access two new funding opportunities.

CTSA Program Researcher Studies Barriers to HIV Prevention

With NCATS-supported mentoring and training, an early-stage investigator is studying barriers that keep young adults from obtaining HIV prevention medicines.

NCATS Supports Research for Stretchable, Wearable Electronics

Researchers supported through NCATS’ Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program found a way to make stretchable electronics in 3-D, enabling potential new diagnosis and treatment avenues.

Using Robots and Stem Cells to Produce Organ Models

NIH-supported researchers have developed an automated procedure to reliably grow 3-D tissue models called organoids in large quantities to test drugs on a large scale.

NCATS Develops New Technique to Look Inside 3-D Cells

NCATS intramural experts publish research that outlines a simple, fast and automated process to make 3-D tissues transparent that could improve drug testing.

NCATS-Supported Test Could Speed Diagnosis of Deadly Disease

NCATS’ Small Business Innovation Research program helps fund the development and analysis of a simple paper test for diarrheal disease.

Director's Corner

Christopher P. Austin, M.D.

October Director's Message

At NCATS, we strive to engage many different types of communities throughout the translational science process, from laboratory discoveries to better treatments for disease to improvements in public health. Success along the way requires innovation...

Christopher P. Austin, M.D.

In the Spotlight

Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program

Table of Funded Activities 2014 - 2018 (PDF - 99KB)

Pfizer CTI Call for Proposals

test tube in labPfizer’s CTI for NIH has two calls for proposals each year. The next round of proposals is due Nov. 2, 2018. Learn more about the therapeutic areas of interest for this proposal cycle.