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NCATS Funding Available to Repurpose Existing Drugs

Interested in identifying new treatments for a broad range of diseases using partially developed therapeutic candidates? Access two new funding opportunities.

Register Now for NCATS Day on Sept. 28, 2018

NCATS Day 2018: Engaging Patients and Communities for Smarter Science will provide a forum to share best practices and to discover ways to overcome translational research challenges through effective patient and community engagement.

CTSA Program Researcher Studies Barriers to HIV Prevention

With NCATS-supported mentoring and training, an early-stage investigator is studying barriers that keep young adults from obtaining HIV prevention medicines.

NCATS Supports Research for Stretchable, Wearable Electronics

Researchers supported through NCATS’ Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program found a way to make stretchable electronics in 3-D, enabling potential new diagnosis and treatment avenues.

Using Robots and Stem Cells to Produce Organ Models

NIH-supported researchers have developed an automated procedure to reliably grow 3-D tissue models called organoids in large quantities to test drugs on a large scale.

NCATS Develops New Technique to Look Inside 3-D Cells

NCATS intramural experts publish research that outlines a simple, fast and automated process to make 3-D tissues transparent that could improve drug testing.

NCATS and Opioid Use Research

Find out about NCATS’ role in the Helping End Addiction Long-term initiative — a trans-NIH effort to advance national priorities in addressing the opioid crisis.

Eating Before 3 p.m. Can Improve Health

CTSA Program-supported investigators at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have found that intermittent fasting can improve overall health.

NCATS-Supported Test Could Speed Diagnosis of Deadly Disease

NCATS’ Small Business Innovation Research program helps fund the development and analysis of a simple paper test for diarrheal disease.

Director's Corner

Christopher P. Austin, M.D.

September Director's Message

Behaviors such as physical inactivity, smoking and unhealthy eating have an enormous negative influence on health. Although unhealthy behaviors can lead to chronic disease, healthy behavior changes can be part of successful...

Christopher P. Austin, M.D.

In the Spotlight

Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program

Table of Funded Activities 2014 - 2018 (PDF - 80KB)

Assay Guidance Manual

Assay Guidance Manual CoverInterested in creating biologically, physiologically and pharmacologically relevant assays for early-stage drug discovery? Check out our best-practices Assay Guidance Manual.