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An NCATS scientist prepares samples for high-throughput screening. (Daniel Soñé Photography, LLC, Photo)

Finding What’s Common Among Diseases, Seeing the Bigger Picture

NCATS scientists are identifying common characteristics among diseases and applying this knowledge to understand multiple human diseases and conditions.

Bottle of prescription pills

NCATS-Supported Study Highlights Opioid Prescribing Trend

CTSA Program-supported scientists found that patients who took a type of anti-anxiety medicine were more likely to receive new opioid prescriptions despite a higher risk.

Dorian Cheff holds a well plate in NCATS’ laboratory.

NCATS Ignites Translational Science Spark for Young Investigators

Meet three graduate students working collaboratively on research projects with NCATS and university scientists from England and Sweden.

Person reading the newsletter on a tablet

July E-Newsletter Now Available

Read about NCATS’ work to advance a rare food allergy diagnostic, a study on opioid deaths, precision medicine for a heart condition, a repurposed drug, and more.

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Alabama.

CTSA Program Support May Lead to Blood Test for Colon Cancer

A research team, including scientists supported by the CTSA Program, identified markers in the blood that could be used to detect precancerous polyps in patients.

More Center News

New Use for Repurposed Drugs

Researchers find drugs which may be effective in preventing the spread of cancer

Opioid Treatment Study

New study shows medication-based treatment after opioid overdose can save lives

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Assay Guidance Manual

Assay Guidance Manual Cover

Interested in creating biologically, physiologically and pharmacologically relevant assays for early-stage drug discovery? Check out our best-practices Assay Guidance Manual.

Work with Us

Learn more about all the ways that potential grantees, partners and collaborators can access NCATS support to advance translational science.

  • NCATS Programs & Initiatives
    NCATS encourages partnerships that cross many scientific disciplines and research sectors in pursuit of translational success.
  • Small Business Opportunities
    NCATS’ small business programs help entrepreneurs develop and commercialize new translational technologies.
  • Expertise & Resources
    NCATS staff are experts in translation, and the Center’s resources support pre-clinical and clinical activities.
  • Licensing Opportunities
    NCATS makes it easy for industry and academia to interact and partner with Center laboratories and scientists.