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Research Resources

We offer a variety of tools and resources to support preclinical and clinical investigators.

Our Resources

Learn about the research resources we have available to help turn scientific discoveries into health solutions.

NCATS scientists inspect microscope slides

Preclinical Research Toolbox

We have tools and resources to help scientists carry out preclinical research.

Doctor uses stethascope to listen to a child's heartbeat

Clinical Research Toolbox

We offer a range of clinical research tools that help with trial design, patient recruitment and regulatory compliance.

Scientists examine a well plate

Assay Guidance Manual

We offer online resources and workshops to help others develop robust and effective tests (assays) for early-stage drug discovery. 

screenshot of GARD website

Genetic and Rare Diseases (GARD) Information Center

GARD is a resource that offers current and reliable health information on a wide range of rare and genetic diseases.


NCATS Toolkit for Patient-Focused Therapy Development

The NCATS Toolkit for Patient-Focused Therapy Development is a collection of online resources to assist patient groups in the research and development of new treatments. 

Meet the Staff

NCATS staff posing for a group photo

Our staff collaborate with colleagues at NIH and beyond to drive innovative discoveries.

NIH Research Resources

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NIH offers a range of tools tailored for researchers, trainees and patients.