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Our Impact

We conduct and support research and other activities that address long-standing challenges in translational research so that new treatments and other health solutions reach people faster.

Areas of Impact

Our goal is more treatments for all people more quickly. Learn how we are making a difference in the areas highlighted below.

Big Data

Our teams find ways to transform massive amounts of data into health solutions faster than ever.

Clinical Trials

We develop innovative strategies for clinical trials so that new therapies can improve the health of all the people who need them.

Drug Discovery & Development

Our research teams develop and apply cutting-edge approaches that speed therapeutic solutions for unmet health needs.

Rare Diseases

NCATS is the heart of rare diseases research at NIH. We speed the development of new rare disease treatments by focusing on approaches that can address more than one disease at a time.

Research Operations

We cut through operational barriers so research studies can deliver answers faster.

Tools and Technologies

We create solutions that work for many diseases, speeding more treatments for all people more quickly.

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Last updated on May 13, 2024