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Advisory Committees

Federal advisory groups provide input and guidance to our leadership on initiatives, policies and programs.

About Advisory Committees

Advisory committees at NCATS are specialized groups that offer recommendations and guidance on specific topics relevant to NCATS mission. The committees provide valuable input on scientific priorities, research strategies, programmatic activities and policy development within their respective domains. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of these advisory committees, we ensure that our initiatives and programs align with the latest advancements and best practices in the field. 

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NCATS Advisory Council

Learn more about the group that provides valuable guidance and makes recommendations about our initiatives, policies and programs. 

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Cures Acceleration Network (CAN)

Discover the guiding group behind CAN, focused on removing barriers and speeding the development of essential treatments.

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Concept Clearances

Gain knowledge about proposals for innovative new initiatives and activities at NCATS, including various efforts that receive support through CAN.

Connect With Us

NCATS Information Officer 

Discover all the ways to connect with NCATS and stay up to date on the latest news and information.

Upcoming & Past Advisory Council Meetings

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The NCATS Advisory Council meets three times each year. See future meetings and materials from past meetings.