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Translational Science Training at Partner Institutions

We support the development of translational science training and career development programs at universities and research institutions across the country to grow the translational science field.

Translational Science Training at Partner Institutions

Translational Science Training

Translational science training and career development programs at universities and research institutions are formed through investments in the NCATS Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program and the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network (RDCRN). Each year, these programs allow the educational and professional development of hundreds of scholars who become the next generation of leading translational scientists. 

See below for the descriptions of training programs offered by our partner institutions.

NCATS CTSA Program: Research Training TL1/T32 Program 

This institutional National Research Service Award supports the training of predoctoral and medical students and postdoctoral fellows who want to learn about practicing clinical and translational research. The goal of the TL1/T32 program is to increase the number of well-trained clinician-scientists who can lead the design and oversight of future clinical investigations that are critical to NCATS’ and NIH’s overall mission.

Contact: Patrick Brown, Ph.D. (for predoctoral T32 programs) and Jennie L. Conroy, Ph.D. (for postdoctoral T32 programs) 

NCATS CTSA Program: Mentored Career Development KL2/K12 Program 

This institutional Mentored Career Development Award supports the training of early-career scholars seeking advanced research training in therapeutics, clinical interventions and behavioral modifications to improve health. KL2/K12 Program appointees, referred to as Clinical Research KL2/K12 Scholars, come from different health-related fields and receive rich career development experience in a multidisciplinary setting with protected research time. The goal of the program is to advance the development of clinician-scientists who ultimately will lead partnership research efforts in translational science. 

Contact: Patrick Brown, Ph.D.

NCATS CTSA Program: Eli Lilly Scholars Externship Program 

This program is an externship in clinical and translational sciences at Eli Lilly and Company, a large pharmaceutical company, for scholars, trainees and researchers who are supported by the NCATS Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program. This externship trains and educates participants on techniques and principles needed for translational research.

Contact: Joan Nagel, M.D., M.P.H. 

NCATS CTSA Program: I-Corps™ Train-the-Trainer Program 

The Train-the-Trainer program takes care of I-Corps™ leaders at NCATS CTSA Program hubs who in turn will provide entrepreneurship training to other translational scientists at their institution on how to translate their research into a business product. These trained individuals will help share evidence-based practices in marketing clinical and translational research activities and build entrepreneurial ability locally and regionally across CTSA Program hubs. 

Contact: David Wilde, M.D., Ph.D. and Pablo Cure, M.D., M.P.H. 

Training Component of NCATS-Led RDCRN Program 

The NCATS RDCRN Program offers training opportunities for early-stage investigators in clinical research or investigators new to rare disease research. The RDCRN offers a rich environment for clinical rare diseases research that can be used to develop the skills of researchers for careers in the field and give established scientists a chance to rebuild their research careers toward rare diseases research through a variety of activities, including relevant courses, mentorship and support in clinical research. 

Contact: Tiina Urv, Ph.D. 

NCATS also offers intramural training in translational research and translational science. Learn more about training at NCATS.

Last updated on April 19, 2024