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NCATS Funds Drug Repurposing Projects, Seeks New Industry Partners

NCATS is seeking additional industry partners to participate in future New Therapeutic Uses funding opportunities.

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New Funding Opportunity to Repurpose Existing Drugs or Biologics

NCATS released a funding opportunity to explore a potential new use of an existing drug or biologic through its Bench-to-Clinic Repurposing initiative.

Work with Us

Learn more about how you can access funding and collaborate with the New Therapeutic Uses program.

Contact Christine Colvis, Ph.D. (link sends e-mail)

Discovering New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules

Through its Discovering New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules (New Therapeutic Uses) program, NCATS aims to improve the process of developing new treatments and cures for disease by finding new uses for existing therapies that already have cleared several key steps along the development path. This also is known as drug repurposing. Learn more about New Therapeutic Uses.

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Partner with New Therapeutic Uses

Learn how to partner with New Therapeutic Uses.

New Therapeutic Uses Projects

Find details about ongoing New Therapeutic Uses projects.

New Therapeutic Uses Facts

Download the New Therapeutic Uses fact sheet (PDF - 395KB).

New Therapeutic Uses and Drug Repurposing

Therapeutic development is a costly, complex and time-consuming process. The average length of time from target discovery to approval of a new drug is about 14 years. The failure rate during this process exceeds 95 percent, and the cost per successful drug can be $1 billion or more. The high therapeutic development failure rate means there are many existing, partially developed therapeutic candidates that could be repurposed for use in new disease indications. Bringing together the best assets from pharmaceutical companies with the best new ideas from academic researchers could produce new treatments much more quickly than starting from scratch. Learn more about the purpose of the New Therapeutic Uses program.