Assets & Agreements for NIH-Industry Partnerships

Through the New Therapeutic Uses NIH-Industry Partnerships initiative, NCATS has collaborated with several pharmaceutical industry partners to make a number of partially developed assets available to academic researchers to crowdsource ideas for new uses. Projects using these assets are designed to go directly into Phase II clinical trials, studies that provide data on the preliminary effectiveness for the intended use. Some projects may need additional pre-clinical work or a Phase I clinical trial within the target populations to determine dosing, safety and tolerability. Learn more about these industry-provided assets.

Participating companies provide pre-clinical and clinical supplies of drugs and matched placebos to funded investigators at no charge. These companies also provide documentation so that funded investigators can file an Investigational New Drug application with the Food and Drug Administration.

To streamline the legal and administrative process for partnering across multiple organizations, NIH created template agreements. These agreements help facilitate complex negotiations among all parties involved in the program, enabling the research to begin faster. Learn more about the template agreements.