Functional Genomics Lab Operational Model

NIH investigators are eligible to collaborate with the Functional Genomics Lab staff at NCATS and access screening resources. Genome-wide siRNA screens for humans and mice are available. Also routinely included in screens are microRNA mimic and inhibitor libraries.

The Functional Genomics Lab provides in-kind resources in the form of screening support for NIH investigators whose proposals are accepted following internal Institute or Center review as well as a trans-NIH review committee’s approval to proceed. Rejected proposals can be revised to address key concerns and resubmitted for additional review. Following acceptance, the NIH principal investigator and NCATS staff work together to develop a project plan and begin work.

Graphic of proposal flow chart. Permission from respective SDs to submit a letter of intent (LOI) to screen with the facility. Submission of LOI through the Functional Genomics Lab's online submission system. The Chair of the Proposal Selection Committee formally asks permission to submit proposals. Submission of proposals to the Chair of the Selection committee. Proposals sent out for review. Proposals accepted into the facility pipeline. Assay development with PI. Pilot Screen. Primary and Secondary screens. Orthogonal validation assays. DATA sent back to collaborator: Manuscript in preparation.


For more information, review the latest version of the Assay Guidance Manual.