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Innovation at NCATS

NCATS Patent Book Showcases Opportunities for Collaborations and Licensing

November 30, 2020

Collaboration between NCATS and private-sector partners is essential to speed the delivery of new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices to patients who need them. NCATS is seeking partners interested in collaborations and licensing of 22 innovative patents issued to the Center. NCATS’ new digital book, Innovation at NCATS, showcases patents awarded to scientists of the NCATS Division of Preclinical Innovation (DPI). The patents include new technologies that make preclinical research more predictive and efficient, as well as innovative approaches that de-risk the development of potential drug targets or research projects to make those projects more attractive for commercial investment.

Issued between October 2018 and July 2020, the 22 patents are a testimony to NCATS scientists’ collaborative relationships with government, industry, academia, and patient and rare diseases communities. These patents help fulfill DPI’s mission to develop approaches that sharpen and shorten the process of translating discoveries into medical interventions. Learn more about the NCATS Office of Strategic Alliances and how to partner with NCATS to help accelerate biomedical research.


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NCATS recently released an online book, Innovation at NCATS, which describes 22 patents issued to NCATS and its collaborators. (NCATS)