NCATS Day 2019

NCATS is committed to including diverse patient and community perspectives in all phases of translational science, from basic research to public health implementation. Each year NCATS staff host NCATS Day to facilitate and advance robust dialogue and meaningful collaboration.

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NCATS Day 2019, held on December 17, featured thoughtful discussion, perspectives and insights into data sharing in the translational science community.

The collection and analysis of data is important for translating research results into new prevention strategies and treatments that can improve human health. Sharing of scientific data helps validate research results, enables researchers to combine data types to strengthen analyses, facilitates reuse of hard-to-generate data or data from limited sources, and contributes to ideas for future research directions. Central to data sharing is the recognized need to make it as available as possible while ensuring the confidentiality and autonomy of research participants.

NCATS is committed to placing patients and their communities at the center of all our efforts and looks for opportunities to include the patient perspective. At NCATS Day 2019, attendees discussed data sharing from different viewpoints, including the research participant, community, researcher, federal funder and industry. Attendees taking part in this vital dialogue heard the important perspectives of stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.