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Testing chambers containing miniature laboratory-grown versions of kidneys.

Using Robots and Stem Cells to Produce Organ Models

NIH-supported researchers have developed an automated procedure to reliably grow 3-D tissue models called organoids in large quantities to test drugs on a large scale.

Method of Detecting Nucleic Acids Using Three-Dimensional Paper Microfluidic Devices. A sample is loaded on the one dot on the left. It is dispersed into seven different locations for the multiplexed detection of seven pathogens and one location for the control.

NCATS-Supported Test Could Speed Diagnosis of Deadly Disease

NCATS’ Small Business Innovation Research program helps fund the development and analysis of a simple paper test for diarrheal disease.

Barber taking a customer’s blood pressure in a barbershop.

Partnering with Barbershops to Cut High Blood Pressure

CTSA Program researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the University of California, Los Angeles, are pairing pharmacists with barbershops to lower customers’ blood pressure.

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