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Nurturing the Field of Translational Science

The CTSA Program nurtures the field of translational science through its commitment to education, training and workforce improvement, support for clinical researchers and translational scientists in all fields, and advancement of strong clinical and translational science research. The CTSA Program offers scholars and trainees resources to improve both their own careers and the U.S. biomedical research field. Read about training success stories. 

July 2019

CTSA Program Researchers Aim to Improve Health Care from All Sides
A research framework that enables the recruitment of hospitalized patients for a wide range of studies can help identify optimal care approaches during and after hospitalization. Undergraduate students play a valuable role in the studies at University of Chicago Medicine, where they recruit patients, conduct follow-up activities, and learn about clinical research.

February 2019

CTSA Program Supports Emerging Research on Health Effects of Plastics
An early-career investigator has developed techniques to study how chemicals used in medical devices affect the still-developing hearts of pediatric patients. Program support also enabled her to secure independent funding for larger studies.

Last updated on October 17, 2023