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Translator in Action

NCATS launched the Biomedical Data Translator (Translator) program to accelerate biomedical translation for the research community. Through this program, NCATS will integrate existing biomedical data to help reveal new relationships within those data and also identify novel opportunities for research. Read the latest news about this program below.

September 2017

NCATS Funding Opportunity Aimed at Building Computational “Brain” Prototype to Mine Disparate Data

​NCATS announced that it is seeking applications to develop reasoning tool prototypes for its Biomedical Data Translator program. Through a unique funding mechanism, candidates must complete a series of computational tasks in the first part of a three-step application process to access the complete funding opportunity announcement. 

August 2017

NCATS Furthers Efforts to Create a Data Ecosystem to Explore Disease Connections

Biomedical Data Translator scientists are working to create a computational tool to improve connections among biomedical data types and provide insights into disease biology and treatments. 

October 2016

NCATS Funds Feasibility Assessment to Develop Biomedical Data Translator

On Oct. 11, 2016, NCATS announced funding for feasibility assessments to develop its Biomedical Data Translator.