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Megan E. Moretz

Management Analyst

Office of Administrative Management

Ethics and Management Analysis Branch

Contact Info

Megan E. Moretz


Megan Moretz is a management analyst in NCATS’ Ethics and Management Analysis Branch (EMAB) within the Office of Administrative Management (OAM), where she serves as the Center’s awards co-coordinator, runs the NCATS Director’s Awards program, and liaises with NIH for external awards calls. Additionally, Moretz is NCATS' liaison to NIH's Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She also supports NCATS' Telework and Emergency Management programs, as well as Records Management.

Moretz has been with the Center since its creation, moving to EMAB after a long stint with the Office of Policy, Communications and Education (OPCE). During her tenure with OPCE, she functioned as the Office’s administrative professional, in addition to responding to inquiries on behalf of NCATS' public information officer and serving as a controlled correspondence liaison.

Moretz holds a Bachelor’s degree in communication studies from West Virginia University.

Professional Interests

Moretz’s professional interests span a wide range of activities, including cultivating employee engagement, contributing to the OAM Newsletter, and helping to administer the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.