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Chemistry Technology

Work with Chemistry Technology

The Chemistry Technology team’s work to develop innovative chemical tools is collaborative by nature; therefore, we always encourage new partnership opportunities, including disease-specific projects with patient advocacy groups and disease foundations.

If you have a specific need related to developing chemistry technology, we welcome you to work with us. Here’s how:

  1. Submit a request to work with NCATS. Contact Anna Rossoshek with the following details:
    • A summary of the idea/vision
    • Research goals
    • Project needs
    • Your level or area of chemistry expertise
  1. Project Selection. We will evaluate your idea and try to match you with the appropriate expert.
  2. Project Initiation, Conduct and Closing. Once we determine if our research goals and needs align, a formal collaboration agreement may be executed, if necessary, and the project may begin.
Last updated: 11-03-2017
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