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LitCoin Pilot Design Challenge Winners

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First prize

Jonathon Keeney, Ph.D., and Patrick McNeely, Ph.D.   
Dr. Jonathon Keeney and his colleague, Dr. Patrick McNeely, detailed an approach to building LitCoin that would integrate seamlessly with current open publishing interfaces, such as bioRxiv, and would allow publishers some freedom to choose how they could be alerted about new LitCoin submissions.

RTI International   
RTI International described a system with several unique layers of automation and user interaction that would make the system easy to use for all stakeholders during the process of creating LitCoin publications.

Second prize

Insilicom, LLC   
Insilicom, LLC submitted a unique modular approach to the LitCoin conceptual framework. This includes functionality for researchers to publish hypotheses, which currently is lacking in the world of biomedical research.

Last updated on February 12, 2024