NPACT Chemical Library — Innovative Chemical Biology Library for Translational Sciences

Contact: Early Translation Branch
Library Size: 11K compounds
Format: 1536-well and 384-well plates in dose-response format
Availability: Accessed through collaboration with NCATS

NCATS Pharmacologically Active Chemical Toolbox (NPACT): NPACT is a world-class small molecule library of high-quality organism-agnostic and pharmacologically active agents, whether they be naturally occurring, nature inspired, or synthetically created. The NPACT library consists of annotated compounds that inform on novel phenotypes, biological pathways, and cellular processes. There are more than 7,000 mechanisms and phenotypes identified in the literature and worldwide patents that cover biological interactions within mammalian, microbial, plant and other model systems. The NPACT library of more than 11,000 compounds aims to cover as many of these biological mechanisms as possible, allowing for broad profiling of mechanism-to-phenotype associations. Many of the known mechanisms are represented by a few best-in-class compounds with non-redundant chemotypes that provide a diversity of physicochemical and pharmacological properties. The chemical classes include both synthetically derived small molecules and microbial- and plant-derived purified natural products. The clinical and basic research scope includes all quality-approved and investigational drugs, as well as all tool compounds that have varying degrees of validation as therapeutic or fundamental chemical biology approaches. NPACT continues to be dynamic and current with the state of translational research as new biological processes, mechanisms, and approaches are revealed in patents and literature.