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N3C Data User Code of Conduct

The National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) Data User Code of Conduct articulates fundamental actions and prohibitions on data user activities involving data or other resources accessible through the NCATS N3C Data Enclave and reflects the terms and conditions outlined in the Data Use Agreement (DUA) (PDF - 836KB) entered into by Accessing Institutions and NCATS. Failure to abide by any term within this Code of Conduct may result in revocation of approved access to the N3C Data Enclave, potentially including any analyses in progress.

Investigators approved by the N3C Data Access Committee (DAC) to access and use data within the N3C Data Enclave agree to:

  1. Use data only for the COVID-19-related research projects or comparative studies defined in the Data Use Request (DUR) approved by the N3C DAC for public health purposes and research to inform decision making.
  2. Comply with any applicable local, state, federal or tribal laws, regulations or policies with regard to data use, data privacy and data security and exercise responsible stewardship of data, software or other tools contained within or uploaded to the N3C Data Enclave.
  3. Make no attempt to identify institutions, communities or identifiable populations associated with particular N3C data; to re-identify or contact individuals, their relatives or relevant groups from whom data represented within the N3C Data Enclave were collected; or to generate information that could allow individual identities to be readily ascertained.
    1. Specifically, users will be asked to attest that they understand that the N3C contains no Tribal affiliation data and that use of AI/AN data and ZIP code information to make assumptions about Tribal affiliation is not valid or permitted.
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of the data accessible within the enclave and not distribute, provide access to, attempt to download or otherwise capture views of N3C data for use or disclosure to any entity or individual beyond those specified in the approved DUR.
  5. Publicly disseminate findings or new insights into COVID-19 or related disease etiology, progression, or pathology based on research conducted using the N3C Data Enclave, ideally through open access formats. And, as applicable, enable development of new diagnostic, therapeutic, or other interventions to benefit public health.
  6. Provide appropriate acknowledgment of the N3C Data Enclave and any relevant algorithms or software utilized within the enclave in any dissemination of research findings, analyses or tool development per the N3C website.
  7. Abide by the N3C Attribution and Publication Principles and the Community Guiding Principles for the N3C of partnership, inclusivity, transparency, reciprocity, accountability and security.
  8. Report any Data Access Incident as defined in the DUA within 2 business days after discovery by the User or the Accessing Institution to NCATS by sending us an email

Last updated on April 22, 2024