TRND Operational Model

TRND collaborations offer an opportunity to partner with NCATS researchers, with the goal of moving promising therapeutics into human clinical trials. External partners benefit from the rare and neglected disease drug development capabilities, expertise, clinical resources and regulatory expertise of the TRND program in a highly collaborative environment.

TRND uses a proposal process to select collaborators. Selected investigators provide project starting points and ongoing biological and disease expertise throughout the project.

The TRND program is intended to facilitate collaborations among academic laboratories, not-for-profit organizations and for-profit companies. Foreign organizations also may seek to collaborate with TRND.

Project Support

TRND is not a grant-based funding program, and collaborating partners do not receive funds from TRND. The program provides project management and drug development operational support to advance the project. Collaborators provide drug starting points for the project and the ongoing rare or neglected disease expertise. As with a biopharmaceutical company, projects that fail to meet key scientific milestones or fail to adhere to timelines may be discontinued. Learn more about TRND projects.