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3-d bioprinting

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Contact Marc Ferrer or Sam Michael to learn more about the 3-D Tissue Bioprinting program at NCATS and about opportunities for collaboration.

3-D Tissue Bioprinting Program

NCATS experts are applying the techniques of 3-D bioprinting to develop tissue models that mimic the organization and physiology of cells in the tissues of living organisms, in a microplate format for drug screening. Learn more.

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Technical Capabilities

Find out what kinds of technologies and expertise are available for 3-D bioprinting at NCATS.

Work with 3-D Tissue Bioprinting

Discover how to collaborate with NCATS 3-D bioprinting experts to advance translational science.

The Promise of 3-D Tissue Bioprinting

About 90 percent of potential new drugs fail in clinical trials because they are not effective or they cause unexpected toxic effects. At NCATS, the experts in the 3-D Tissue Bioprinting program are working to address this challenge by developing better methods for pre-clinical drug discovery and testing of potential drugs. Fueled by recent technological advances, this approach involves using the techniques of 3-D bioprinting to combine living cells with other support substances to create human tissues in the laboratory that closely mimic tissues that develop naturally in organs. Learn more about the 3-D Tissue Bioprinting program.