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Small Business Resources: Applicants

The following resources may be helpful to small business considering SBIR and STTR funding.

Applicant Resources



Learn More Small Business Facts

Download the SBIR & STTR fact sheet (PDF - 250KB)

Tips for Applying for Small Business Funding

Small business representatives may benefit from additional guidance when they embark on the application process for SBIR and STTR programs. Here are some tips that can help streamline the process:

For more information, review the NIH SBIR Application Process Infographic.

Applicant Assistance Program

A free, guided 10-week program designed to help first-time applicants.

Did you know that there is support available for small businesses that have not previously received funding? The NIH SBIR and STTR programs strive to bring diverse perspectives, backgrounds and skill sets to solve complex problems. However, NIH recognizes that new applicants may need help navigating the grant application process. The Applicant Assistance Program (AAP) provides support and guidance to first-time small business applicants.

One of the main goals of the AAP is to increase participation in the SBIR and STTR programs by businesses that are owned or controlled by individuals who are traditionally underrepresented in biomedical sciences. Therefore, NIH is particularly interested in applications from socially or economically disadvantaged small businesses, women-owned small business and small businesses located in underrepresented states.

The AAP provides 10 weeks of coaching and customized assistance at no cost to participants. Selected small businesses can receive:

  • Needs assessment/small business mentoring
  • Assistance with required registrations
  • Phase I application preparation support
  • Application review

Sample SBIR/STTR Applications from NIH

If you are new to writing grant applications, sometimes seeing how someone else has presented their idea can help as you are developing your own application. With the gracious permission of successful investigators, some institutes have provided samples of funded applications, summary statements, sharing plans, leadership plans and more.

When referencing these resources, it is important to remember:

  • These applications were developed using the application forms and instructions that were in effect at the time of their submission. Forms and instructions change regularly. Read and carefully follow the instructions in the notice of funding opportunity to which you are responding and the current application instructions carefully.
  • The best way to present your science may differ substantially from the approach taken by those who wrote the example applications. Seek feedback on your draft application from mentors and others.
  • Samples are not available for all grant programs. Many programs have common elements, and the available samples can still provide helpful information.
  • Email us for advice and to determine if your proposed technology fits the NCATS mission.

Sample SBIR/STTR Applications:

Last updated on April 19, 2024