Work with Tox21

Tox21 experts are continually developing, validating and integrating toxicity assays into the quantitative high-throughput screening (qHTS) platform.

Solicitation Status

Tox21 currently is accepting assay proposals from investigators in all areas, both within and outside NIH and the federal government. Follow the instructions provided below to nominate an assay.

Nominate an Assay

Assay Evaluation and Development

  • Nomination
    Researchers from academia, private institutions and government/non-government organizations may nominate assays.
  • Review
    The Tox21 Assay Evaluation & Screening Group (with representatives from each of the Tox21 partners) reviews submitted assays on an ongoing basis. Tox21 leadership provides final approval. Assays are selected based on their biological and toxicological relevance and adaptability to miniaturization and qHTS screening.
  • Optimization and Miniaturization
    Tox21 staff optimize and miniaturize selected assays into the qHTS screening platform.
  • Validation and Screening
    In robotic online validation, the assay is screened in triplicate against a validation library. Tox21 experts evaluate validation data for reproducibility and positive control consistency before submission to the Assay Evaluation & Screening Group for approval.
  • Data Analysis and Dissemination
    Tox21 staff analyze the resulting information and send raw data and/or summary tables to Tox21 partners on a regular basis. All results are made publically available.

Other Collaborations

The NCATS Tox21 team leads maintain collaborations with a variety of academics and private-sector parties as well as other government organizations. Interested parties may contact or individual team leads.