About the NCATS Education Branch

The NCATS Education Branch provides national leadership to foster development of the field of translational science. To accomplish this, the Branch engaged in a range of activities as depicted in the figure below. Intramurally, through the Division of Preclinical Innovation, the Education Branch creates novel and holistic training opportunities for a diverse pool of early-career scientists to gain translational science skills through engagement in hands-on research, seminars, career talks and journal clubs.

A diagram depicting NCATS activities that foster the development of the field of translational science. In the center is a circle that says Developing the Field of Translational Science. Arrayed around the circle are five arrows which point outward to five additional circles with text describing activities. Clockwise from the top most circle, they read: (1) Produce original scholarship in the field of translational science; (2) Design and disseminate innovative curricula and educational approaches; (3) Design and disseminate training-related resources; (4) Provide leadership in the conceptualization of the future of translational science; and (5) Create new opportunities that capitalize on federal expertise.

Education Branch Publications and Presentations

The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences’ Intramural Training Program and Fellow Career Outcomes — This report describes how the NCATS training program equips young scientists with translational science skills that lead to early research successes and prepares them for a broad range of science-based careers.

Members of the NCATS Education Branch

Contact the Education Branch at NCATSDPITrainEd@mail.nih.gov